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STUNNING Original Antique Sketch Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) – Dutch Master painter and drawer – Reed pen inkt on paper drawing


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Great Sketch from a great Master!

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Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890)
The painter Vincent van Gogh is one of today’s best known artists worldwide. Back in his lifetime, this was utterly different – he could hardly sell any of his paintings and was forced to economize strictly. His younger brother Theo who worked in the family owned art gallery Goupil supported his older brother financially. Out of gratefulness, he was sent the majority of Van Gogh’s paintings and drawings. Due to this close brotherly contact, many letters of Van Gogh are preserved and offer a unique insight into his creativity and thoughts.

Born as the son of clergyman in the Dutch town of Groot-Zundert, Vincent van Gogh received a comparably good education and the family was even able to find him a job in the art gallery owned by relatives. But since he did not feel comfortable in this job nor in several others he tried afterwards – including some excursions into theology – he decided to become an artist in 1880.

He had received no artistic education whatsoever and this was not going to change very much. Instead of visiting a university, Van Gogh visited several places during the following years, amongst them Brussels, The Hague, Antwerp and Paris, where he visited museums, copied Old Masters and learned from his fellow artists. In Brussels for example he studied with Anthon van Rappard (1858-1892) and in The Hague he learned with Anton Mauve (1838-1888). Van Gogh got to know most of the important artists of his time in Paris, such as Toulouse-Lautrec, Signac and Gauguin, and his painting style got strongly influenced by the French Impressionism. Even more so, the art of the Japanese woodcut influenced Van Gogh and especially his drawings give proof of that inspiration.

From Paris, the erratic artist moved to Arles in Southern France, where he had one of his most productive creative period and developed the unique style for which he is mostly known: strong, impasto colours, applied to the canvas with many, small brushstrokes. Here in Arles, van Gogh dreamed of building an art colony where he would live and work with fellow artists – but the only one who came was Gauguin. The shared life of the two artists ended dramatically with the well-known incident of Van Gogh’s cut-off ear. This drastic moment was the climax of the artist’s increasingly bad mental condition which led to him having nightmares, delusions and depressions and kept him from working regularly. After several stays in different clinics, Van Gogh hospitalized himself in a sanatorium where he was allowed to keep up his painting. He spent his last month under the observation of a certain Dr Gachet, whose role is judged ambivalently by the scholars. Several impressive paintings from this last period are known that hardly give evidence of the artist’s mental confusion. It is this Dr. Gauchet, who was portrayed by Van Gogh expressively and holds the current auction for one of Vincent’s oil paintings at 80 m. Euro.

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